Sunday, January 18, 2009

The forest

So here I am, looking at the beginning of the third week of January. I guess I haven't been seeing the forest for the trees. Every "busy" day that goes by is time not spent wisely. I choose laundry, housework, cooking, reading, television (that evil device), anything over self-reflection and disciplined redirection. So even though I don't understand blogging personal details of one's life for the world to see, I've decided to try this as a place to get myself on track. There are several reasons why this might be successful: I need to be here in my office in order to separate myself from the above listed distractions; there are some pretty inspiring things posted on these blogs and my own blog maintenance should increase the frequency of my visits to those inspiring blogs; the Web is where I need to be to reconnect with the world; writing of my journey will keep my "juices" flowing. I am sure there are other reasons why this mechanism may help me...I'll keep jotting them down as they come to me.

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