Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four years!

Four years gone! Not sure why I want to post today versus any other day of the last 1,500 some odd days...

A piece of wisdom learned from my own experience - do it today. Whatever it is - improving health, reconnecting with lost friends and family, doing one thing to move myself forward, taking action to do anything - tomorrow is NOT a better day to start! There is no other moment than this one right now.

I have read hundreds of posters, memes, postings, essays, motivational books, pithy Hallmark messages, all saying this same thing. Reading, watching, and thinking about life equals experiencing time left unmarked. Acting to take back my life before it's gone now feels like an emergency!

I am horrified and grief-stricken to remember my hopes and intentions from four years ago and to realize I can hardly account for anything that has transpired since!

Waking up these days is like climbing through a sludgy fog. It is so easy to fall right back into dreams that have so much more life in them than reality.

My small step toward getting off this life-long roller coaster: do one thing every day. More than getting out of bed (although, believe me, this is a challenge some days) and beyond dressing and feeding myself. I need to take one action that is on my path back to my own life. Oh and btw, to my future self, you know that watching TV is NOT a substitute for living your own life. Living my own life is not easy, fun, or preferable these days, but maybe moving one small rock at a time will result in a cleared path.

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