Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another evolution

Today I realize that a new career/job/passion/path is not just going to appear out of thin air. I have had a persistent confidence that my next opportunity would be there when I open my e-mail or look on one of the job posting sites or pick up the phone to talk to a friend/colleague. 

Now that I am disabused of the idea that there is someone out there aiming for me without my having to lift a finger, I need to create my personae. This is a weird idea since it seems, in essence, deceitful. I must author different versions of me to be presented to the various opportunities I have and will encounter. But none of these versions will be able to reflect my whole self because, according to the experts, that doesn't focus prospective employers well enough to be able to fit me into what they need. As a friend of mine said this morning, I'm "a foot deep and a mile wide." 

So I need to parse my abilities and background by the kinds of opportunities I am looking at/for. General categories: government and industry advocacy; medical device management; general management; consulting; new venture/entrepreneurial; creative (writing, art, cooking).


  1. I don't feel that multiple personae, especially in your case, is being deceitful. You are a diamond, a multi-faceted personality. What you do is advertise yourself with the facets that sparkle best in the given light.

  2. i am still struggling Karin, my students are doing pretty well and they laugh at me. i still find difficult to talk about my work and present myself and present my work (photography and designing) You may say i have low self esteem.

    You have to talk about yourself to survive in this world Karin. Little polishing is fine, you have to present an idea of your strength and abilities. People are judging always, you have to give them right material and idea to help them judge you. There is nothing wrong in that.